About Us

Skin Smart Solutions

When looking for a dermatologist, most people hunt for a doctor that has experience and a trusted reputation. A doctor with whom they can feel comfortable with – especially with skin issues that can often be confusing, worrisome, and embarrassing.

Knowledge, experience, and personality are the most important factors for being a reliable dermatologist. When a skin problem happens to you, whether it’s a bad case of acne, a worrisome mole, or anything in between, there’s a sense of urgency and you want someone to ease your concerns, explain what is happening, and expertly remedy the problem.

We know you often end up thinking that there’s got to be something better - a permanent solution that actually works and feels right and actually makes you feel free instead of dependent and addicted, living in the fear that it’s all going to come back any second. We at Skin Smart Solutions understand this aspiration.

Our team of expert dermatologists understand the uniqueness of Indian skin and hair and hence, the solutions are designed for best efficacy. Our dermatologists assess the need of each individual patient and recommends appropriate solutions customized to their need.


Dr. Bindu Sthalekar

Founder & Chief Dermatologist

Dr. Ami Dedhia

Sr. Dermatologist

Dr. Sneha Gupta Palvia

Sr. Dermatologist

Dr. Mona Parekh

Aesthetic Physician