10 Skin Care Myths That We All Believed In, Busted

We all have grown up listening to stories from our grandmas about how she took care of her skin using natural ingredients and old age remedies. Although most of it can be true, but not necessarily all of it is. There are many stories passed on from one generation to another but what do we believe and what we don’t?

Let's go through a list of some common myths regarding skin care that we have been believing till date without any evidence!

  1. Drinking tea makes your skin darker.
    This is the most common thing that is said to almost all women at least once in their entire lifetime.
    FACT - Tea has no effect on your skin color. Skin color is determined by your genes and has nothing to do with the amount of tea you drink in a day. Lighter skin can be tanned by exposure to excessive sunlight and sometimes pigmentation caused by hormonal imbalance.

  2. Waxing or shaving makes your hair grow back thicker.
    FACT - Whether you like waxing your arms and legs or prefer shaving it in the shower, it is completely safe and won’t make your body hair grow back thicker. It may feel that way because the tip of the hair is pointed and sharp when shaved, but that is not a thicker hair strand. Although you may need to shave more often compared to waxing, depending on the growth.

  3. Home remedies are 100% safe and effective.
    FACT - It may feel like you are using all natural ingredients and there is nothing to worry about, but sometimes it can cause allergies and breakouts in your skin. At times even the ingredients can be adulterated and harsh on your skin. Example:- Excessive use of Fuller’s Earth or widely known as Multani Mitthi can strip off oils and leave your skin dryer than usual.

  4. Sweat causes acne.
    FACT - Sweat is just a way in which your body cools down when heated. You tend to sweat in humid weather or when you’re exercising. Sweat gets rid of the toxins in our skin and is in fact good for us in the long run. Make sure to clean yourself thoroughly after a workout with a mild soap and clean lukewarm water. If you do not wash yourself, it can clog the pores and result in acne.

  5. Make up is an alternative to skin care.
    FACT - Makeup is to enhance your facial features and does not need to be worn everyday if you don’t want to. It is just a way of boosting your confidence. Skincare on the other hand is extremely important to maintain healthy skin throughout your life. You cannot choose between the two. Taking care of your skin is like eating a healthy meal. It is important, it is necessary and it’s an everyday task.

  6. Harder and painful exfoliation is the best exfoliation.
    This is the most common thing that is said to almost all women at least once in their entire lifetime.
    FACT - Complete NO! Use a scrub once a week to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and remove blackheads. If you rub too hard you are being extremely harsh on your delicate skin and in turn damaging it. Be careful in choosing a scrub that suits your skin type and include it in your weekly skincare routine.

  7. Expensive products work the best.
    FACT - In today’s day and age hundreds of products are launched every day and thanks to the internet we can buy them with a single click. Many believe that an expensive product means it has to work 100% and will give you desired results. When it comes to skincare, it is for you to understand what works best for your skin, irrespective of its price and popularity. You may end up liking a product available at your local drugstore which works wonders for your skin.

  8. Your skin will be like your mother’s skin as your grow older.
    FACT - It may turn out like your mom’s skin or it may not. Although genes play a major role, there are many other factors that may affect the way your skin develops and changes over the years. It depends on many things like lifestyle difference, smoking preference and exposure to harsh sun.

  9. Waxing your face can cause wrinkled and saggy skin.
    FACT - Waxing your face is completely safe as long as you are getting it done professionally and not trying it yourself. Using hard wax is recommended as it is gentler than regular wax. It is safe, less painful than threading and quicker. Wrinkled and saggy skin causes are mostly because of genes, smoking and exposure to harsh sunlight. Repeated facial expressions can also cause the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Example- If you tend to squint your eyes too much, you may develop wrinkles near your eyes

  10. Dermatologists aren’t for everybody.
    FACT - Dermatologists are skin gurus. They know everybody’s skin very well and can guide you to achieve your skin goals. Consulting a dermatologist and going in the right direction is always better than trying different products to see what suits you best. Also, you do not need to see a dermatologist only if you have a skin issue, they can also help enhance the texture and glow of your skin or prevent any issues that might come up in the future.

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