Glowing skin for a Glowing Diwali this year!

Diwali is a festival of lights and you don’t want to miss is the glow on your skin. All the preparations and your skin preparations go hand in hand, read further and you’ll know exactly what we are trying to say!

  • Cleaning!
    Diwali cleaning is scrubbing the tiles and fans, rearranging the wardrobes and making everything sparkly clean. Similarly, use a good cleanser to clean all the dirt and pollution off your face, makeup residue and obviously the sweat that you accumulate after the cleaning!

  • Preparing goodies!
    We all love our Diwali snacks, from savory to sweet. A lot of effort is put into making those and the result is delicious, lip-smacking treats. Preparing a nice homemade scrub or a face mask is essential for a glowing skin, prep your skin with a nice scrub, followed by a mask and let it sit for a few minutes.

  • Get rid of the demon!
    Demons of the skin are nothing but the dead skin, black heads and white heads. If you use a scrub, gently exfoliate your skin, getting rid of these demons will be easier than getting rid of Ravana, we promise!

  • Diwali - Good over Evil
    Keep away all the evil temptations of fast food, alcohol and smoking for a healthy and good skin. If you feel healthier from within, it will show on your skin. Smooth, glowing and good skin will triumph over acne and dark circles. Good over Evil, exactly what Diwali is!

  • Burst your crackers, not your pimples.
    Avoid the urge to pop your pimples, as it will aggravate it and you don’t want that. Instead use an ointment to reduce the pimple, eat clean and avoid oily food 2 weeks before Diwali for a flawless Diwali week.
    All the running around for errands, shopping, meeting relatives and distributing snacks is surely fun but can take a toll if you don’t rest in between and give yourself as well your skin a hydrating break. Make sure you drink enough water and splash your face with water in between to relax your eyes and skin.
    Don’t forget that as you light the diyas with oil, your skin needs some moisturizing too. Do not skip on using a moisturizer as your skin gets dry and before you put on the make up.

Diwali is a festival of love, affection and positivity. You have to always remember to love yourself and your skin, show it care and affection and a lot of positivity.
The skin will definitely glow brighter if the glow comes from within you.

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