This Festive Season Get A Glowing Skin Naturally!

Festivals are around the corner and you have to make sure to keep your social media updated with all those glammed up pictures! Wouldn’t it be amazing if your skin had a glow as radiant as the festival lights? Just a little tweak in your daily routine can add a tremendous amount of change and make a difference in how your skin looks.

  • Water is your best friend.
    Make water your BFF. Drink as much water as you can, stay hydrated and your skin will thank you. Wash your face at least thrice a day with clean water and mild face wash to wash off the impurities and dullness piled on.

  • Use Sunscreen.
    Before Diwali comes Diwali shopping, though you don’t need to come back home with a tan! Make sure to apply sunscreen to keep the tan away. Re-apply after every 3 hours as required.

  • Eat your veggies and drink your soup!
    Festivals are going to be a heaven for sweets and junk food and there shouldn’t be a reason for you to not indulge in some! But before the festivals remember to cut down on junk food and sweets as it can result in breakouts and acne. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, lots of fibre to flush out the toxins from your body for the natural glow within.

  • Exercise.
    Nobody wants to go to the gym when in a festive mood. But we can always compensate for it by working out sincerely before the festivals. If your body stays healthy, you sweat and release toxins, your skin will be radiant and happy.

  • Get a goodnight’s sleep.
    We can understand that festivals can be exciting, looking forward to shopping, eating amazing food and enjoying with friends and families, but even though you are tempted to binge watch the next chick flick, keep away your screens and catch a sound sleep.
    If you are well rested, you won’t have puffiness or dark circles around your eyes and your skin will reflect the freshness.

  • Skin Care Routine.
    Do not skip your daily skin care routine, no matter how late you come home from work or party. It is extremely important that you remove your makeup, cleanse your skin and moisturize before you hit the bed. It will help repair the damage caused by sun and pollution throughout the day and give you a healthy skin in the morning.

These are a few tips that if you follow religiously, would get you a naturally glowing skin, smooth and supple like a baby’s bottom! Make sure to love your skin and see how it loves you back! Hop on to for more information on healthy skin and hair.