Complete skincare guide for flawless skin during monsoon

Monsoon is much awaited by all of us after th scorching heat of summers. The cool breeze, chai and pakoras is what makes us crave for monsoons more than anything else. Even though everything is green and beautiful, we cannot forget that it also brings a whole new set of difficulties for our skin and hair.

Even though skincare is recommended throughout the year, you need to tweak your skincare routine a bit during the rains.

  • Wash your face twice or thrice a day.
    Due to the increased humidity, our skin tends to get greasy and sticky. We need to make sure to keep our facial skin clean and dry and hence washing it twice or thrice a day with a mild face wash is absolutely important.

  • Exfoliating your skin once a week.
    Exfoliating the skin helps remove the dead skin cells and gives a natural glow. Use either store bought scrub or make one yourself using natural ingredients like coffee powder, sugar or baking soda. Make sure you're not too harsh on your skin, remember to be gentle and use minimum pressure.

  • Cleansing your skin.
    If at all you end up using make up, always remember to remove it before you go to bed. You don't want break outs and acne on your face. Use a cleanser to remove all the make up slowly. Try not to hurry this process as your facial skin is sensitive and you don't want to damage it.

  • Toning and moisturizing.
    Once you clean your skin, using a toner will help maintain the pH balance of your skin. If you have oily or acne prone skin, it will help reduce the oil production and also the acne.
    Moisturizing is important during monsoons as your skin will stay healthy if it's hydrated. Make sure to use a non sticky moisturizer as it will prevent your skin from getting greasy while keeping it soft and hydrated.

  • Face masks.
    Pamper your skin with face masks atleast once a week during monsoons as your skin goes through a lot of stress. A relaxing cucumber mask to destress and cool your skin or a charcoal mask to get rid of the accumulated impurities in your skin will do wonders in the long run.

  • Experimenting during monsoons.
    Try to keep your inner curiosity at Bay, because you may end up with acne and break outs if you experiment too much during rains.
    Your skin needs to follow a routine for it to show the results. Do not confuse your already monsoon stressed skin.

  • Eating healthy.
    We all can enjoy chai and pakoras during monsoon once a while, but eating fried and unhealthy food will make your heart happy but skin unhappy.
    Stick to lots of fruits, vegetables, soups and lots and lots water throughout the day.

Stick to the above points and keep consistent to slay the monsoon season with flawless, glowing skin!

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