Skin care tips for the perfect skin to your winter weddings!

Weddings are round the corner when it's the end of the year. Whether it's your best friend getting hitched, your long lost cousin or you yourself, one of the most important accessory is beautiful skin.

If you are going to be the bridezilla, why settle for something other than a hundred percent flawless look?
One secret is to start early. Book an appointment with your dermatologist at least a few months prior to the big day.
Understand and try to work on the problem areas of your skin.

Once you are done with your bachelorette party, it's time to say bye bye to booze for a while. Even though it adds fun to the parties and wedding functions, we don't want to risk any skin break outs due to alcohol.

If you have scanty eyebrows and lashes, you might want to go for microblading and eyelash extensions. This will define your facial structure and enhance your look. You may even try some retinol treatments, chemical peels for acne and Botox injections for acne and wrinkles. Make sure to explain your wedding timeline to the dermatologist so your skin treatment plan is decided accordingly.

Skip the sodas and make smoothies your best friend. Leafy greens, fruits and vegetables will improve your overall skin texture and give it a natural glow.

    This is extremely crucial as it's winter and you don't want your skin to get dry. Make sure to rub in extra lotion on your elbows, knees, knuckles and ankles.

  • Spa and scrub.
    Just few weeks before, treat yourself to a nice spa and scrub session to get the blood circulation going. The scrub will take care of the dead skin and reveal soft, supple skin.

Skin care routine is something you cannot skip. We know talking to the photographer is important and deciding the menu is on the list as well, but not at the cost of skipping your daily skin care regime.
Medical facials need to be done after every few weeks or as suggested by your dermatologist for best results.
Your doctor will guide you as per your skin issues and expectations.
Lastly, no matter what, it's your big day and you need to be smiling and enjoying to your fullest.
After all, smile is the easiest way to look pretty! Remember, happy brides are the prettiest!

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