Aging is associated with several changes in all layers of the face including skin , fat , muscles and bones.

  • The skin loses its elasticity and starts to sag.
  • There is partial resorption of fat pads resulting in volume loss.
  • Decrease in muscle tone results in loss of definition.
  • Downward descent of fat leads to jowl formation.
  • Resorption of facial bones results in structural changes in facial skeleton.
All these changes are responsible for development of wrinkles, prominent nasolabial folds, loss of definition of jaw line and cheeks giving the aged appearance.

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  • Wrinkle management with Botulinum Toxin (BOTOX)
    Wrinkles and fine lines, a normal part of ageing makes the skin look tired and adds years to the face. Wrinkles can be dynamic or static. Dynamic wrinkles are the one’s which appear on facial movements like frown lines, forehead lines, crow’s feet at the corner of eyes. Static wrinkles are the one’s present even when the face is at rest.

    Injecting Botulinum toxin into the muscles of facial movement is an easy method to smooth out dynamic wrinkles and gain a fresh, alert and youthful look. Botox relaxes the muscle thus preventing the occurrence of wrinkles. Results take anywhere between 2 days to 2 weeks to come into effect and lasts for 4-6 months.

    Other indications of botox are eyebrow lifting, correcting gummy smiles, softening of neck lines, defining and slimming the jaw line, controlling excessive sweating in palms or underarms.

    Another less understood advantage of BOTOX is its role in preventing formation of static wrinkles. It not only abolishes the existing dynamic wrinkles but by relaxing the muscle and reducing its action, it prevents them from deepening and advancing to the static stage.

    Botulinum toxin is an US FDA approved product. It is very safe to the extent that it is also used in a 2-year-old child for muscle spasticity.
  • Fillers
    Fillers are ready-to-inject substances containing hyaluronic acid which is one of the normal constituents of our skin that diminishes as we age. Fillers act by replenishing volume on the face in areas such as cheeks, under eyes, lower face, temples where the fat pads undergoe resorption. One session takes 15-30 minutes depending upon the indication that has to be corrected.

    Fillers are an ideal option for people who want subtle improvement in their face without undergoing aggressive surgical procedures which dramatically alter their appearance. They are safe, inexpensive compared to surgery and help one regain their youthful look without any significant downtime. The results are instantaneous and the effect of fillers lasts anywhere between 6 months to a year.
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  • Threadlift
    One of the latest advances in non-surgical face lift techniques is thread lift. Threads are very effective to tackle loose and sagging skin especially around the jawline, neck and double chin. Threads also lift and define the cheeks and reduce nasolabial folds making one look younger.

    In this procedure biodegradable microfilaments made up of PDO (polydiaxanone) are inserted just underneath the skin in direction of vectors of the face. In addition to the immediate lifting effects, the threads also stimulate the production of new collagen that further firms and lifts the skin over the next 3 months. The effect of thread lift lasts for 12-18 months.

  • Skin Tightening
    Aging results in loss of elasticity of skin due to a decrease in collagen and elastin production. Additionally, skin develops fine lines and wrinkles. Treatment with several lasers like Fractional CO2 and Erbium YAG laser and energy based devices like radio-frequency, HIFU, microneedling radiofrequency helps firm the lax skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production and improving the skin texture.

  • Each of these procedures has their own indication.

    • Botox – To treat lines due muscle hyperactivity
    • Fillers – To treat volume loss
    • Threadlift – To treat loose and sagging skin