Double Chin Reduction

“Double Chin" also known as Submental fat is due to an accumulation of excess fat under the chin, between the jawline and the neck.

Generally, a double chin can be hereditary, but it is also seen in obese people and in older individuals. With advancing age, skin under the chin l oses its elasticity and muscle tone also decreases, hence the skin starts to sag thereby giving an illusion of a double chin.

Multiple modalities of treatment is required -to first reduce the fat and then tighten the loose skin.

At Skin Smart Solutions, our protocol for treating a Double Chin are-
  • A well balanced diet.
  • Face and neck exercises.
  • Kybella - injection lipolysis to dissolve the fat.
  • Cryolipolysis- freezes the unwanted fat.
  • Threadlift, HIFU and Radio-frequency are done to increase the collagen and elastin that helps tighten the loose, sagging skin.
These treatments are individualized depending upon the fat and the skin laxity existing.

A combination of the above treatments give excellent results that help to restore that enviable lean and well defined jawline.